Characteristics of Social Entrepreneurs

According to Forbes a Social Entrepreneur is a person who uses business to solve social issues. These special personalities are willing to step out from their own comfort zone and take risks in order to bring a positive change in the society for the welfare of mankind.


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    Work on societal gains rather than financial or personal

    An essential characteristic of a social entrepreneur is that their main aim is to improve the society as whole unlike business leaders who seek opportunities to increase their financial and personal gains.  They break free from the traditional ways of creating social awareness and inspire people to shift their thinking habits and look beyond their personal benefits.

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    Earning success rather than recognition

    Profit and recognition will be a secondary motive for a social entrepreneur as he/she aims to achieve success by helping disadvantaged people. His/her success graph will be measured by the number of people he/she has been able to help in disadvantaged societies and the issues he/she has been able to solve which can range from providing food, shelter, education etc to the homeless. Yes, he/she will need additional funds to carry out his/her intended goals but the money will not be a problem for him/her as he/she eventually gains recognition in the eyes of the world. However, such recognition is not fuelled by a motive to be famous or earn a fortune.

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    Challenge the unfair System

    Social entrepreneurs will challenge the inequitable system wholeheartedly in a bid to restore parity in the society. They will be wise in their approach and will rigorously work to bring a change, which will be based on equality. Moreover, they will be aware of the monumental task but will lead their life accordingly in order to set an example that can be emulated and followed by everyone.

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    Understanding the need for change

    Most of us know the loop holes in the structure but fail to understand the need for change. This is down to a lack of motivation to fix the problem itself. However, a social entrepreneur will not only identify the problem but will take necessary steps to motivate not only himself/herself but others to work effectively in eradicating some of the flaws in the society.

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    Willingness to listen and respect

    Social entrepreneurs respect every human being, regardless of their status, ethnicity or colour. Respecting people helps them understand the common ground between different societies, and work in a way to restore justice.

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