How to Become an Entrepreneur with no Money

In recent times, we have seen the evolution of how business is done and the process is still continuing. The rise of entrepreneurship has made a massive difference to the traditional approach to businesses and helped in improving the whole process.

The internet as further revolutionised the way business is done. Now a small online shop can be in competition with a well known and established enterprise that may be have their presence in many countries. It has provided the newcomers with an opportunity to take things forward and earn a decent living.

To start even a small scale entrepreneurship, you need some liquidity. If you want to start a business yet do not have money, you can still do it but it is a very difficult task to accomplish. You will have to act smart in certain areas where there is a minimum need to money as well as indirect contact with your clients.


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    Know the Business

    The first thing to do is to start a business in a field that you are very familiar with. You know the products and you know their qualities. You are aware of the procurement procedures as well as reliable and unreliable vendors that are available to you. You are overall technically at home with the allied issues and can discuss them with your clients in detail and can answer any query related to the products or services.

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    Go Online

    The business will have to be setup online as if you setup a shop, you will need money for that. In case of an online hop, you can make a website that does not have a shopping cart as that too will need some money. Make an information portal on one of the websites that offer free web services. Offer prices and product details and your contact information as well. Make sure that you have clear snaps of products available. This will help your buyers to see your products.

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    In this case, you can promote free of cost. Go to relevant forums and discuss about the products in general as well as those that you offer. Also make pages on well known social networking websites and promote your products there as well. Make sure that you regularly post on both forums and social media sites as you will get some interested parties with such perseverance.

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    Buy As You Sell

    Give the buyer a lead up time and only buy the product once you have sold it. The buyer can be skeptical of fraud so to keep his or her mind on peace, you can get a paypal account or an account with another similar website that protects the buyer thoroughly and chances of fraud are more or less eliminated.

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