Easy Desserts for Every Occasion

Sometimes, you may find yourself in a situation when there is not enough time to make a sophisticated dessert after making a lavish dinner for your guests. What will you do? Can you afford to serve an ordinary dessert and ruin your efforts?

I am sure the answer will be “No” so you should know a couple of recipes that are not only easy-to-make but they also yield delicious desserts. It is certainly difficult to go through all the recipe books but you don’t need to worry as still there is someone who understands your needs.


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    Gingered apples with Ice cream:

    The first idea comes into mind is to serve gingered apples with a scoop of ice cream. You won’t have to do a lot as just a mixture of rum and ginger paste along with apple slices is needed. Bake apple slices in the oven until they become soft then pour your mixture over baked slices. In the end, put vanilla ice cream on top of every slice and serve after garnishing with nuts.

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    Pears with wine sauce:

    Another easy dessert that can be served on every occasion is pears with wine sauce. All you need to do is to prepare a mixture of wine, water, sugar, lemon juice and cinnamon sticks then dip baked slices of pear into this mixture. However, you should serve this dessert ice-cold for best results.

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    Ice Cream with Honey-Poached Apricots:

    The best thing about this dessert is that it is light yet satisfying. Cut apricots into slices, dip them in honey syrup and then set them in a small bowl along with a couple scoops of your favourite ice cream.

  • 4

    Summer Fruit Pie:

    Another simple and easy dessert is summer fruit pie. Take strawberries and peaches, mash them and then cook the pulp in honey. Use this pulp as filler in the double crust pie and you are ready to surprise your guests.

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    Peach Crisp:

    Peach can be used in another simple but delicious dessert. Cut your fruits into slices, dip them in sugar or honey syrup and then sprinkle crushed almonds and oats on the slices.

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    Peach and Raspberry Parfait:

    This dessert will take less than five minutes as you just need to take sufficient amount of your favourite ice cream and then serve it with the topping of peach and raspberries.

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    Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwiches:

    To make this sandwich, you will take one scoop of strawberry ice cream and place it between two crunchy cookies or biscuits.

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