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If you wish to visit a state of the art cinema to watch your favorite movie then Electric Cinema should be your ultimate choice. Just like its name, the atmospheres is also electric and extremely fun. Besides the facility of cinema, there are various other provisions that make this place worth visiting. Selection of interior and the beautiful décor of this venue is another reason why it is preferred so much. Though Electric House Cinema is quite pricey, but the fantastic service and amazing environment easily covers the cost. You will definitely have a pleasant experience at this venue, so do keep Electric Cinema as your first option for quality entertainment.


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    On the 24th February 1910, Electric Cinema opened its doors for entertainment. With a capacity of 98 seats, architect Gerald Seymour Valentin designed this venue in Edwardian Baroque style. This cinema has seen a tumultuous history as it has been closed and opened several times, but since 2001, it is successfully working and entertaining the people of London.  Just like it had a varying history in terms of provision of facilities, the name has also seen various changes. It was initially named Electric Screen, then renamed to Imperial Playhouse Theatre before finally getting its current name.

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    Things to do at Electric Cinema:

    The cinema has gone through several developments and modifications with time. These have made this venue more interesting and worth visiting. The services and facilities that can involve you and give you a chance to enjoy your time are mentioned as follow:

    - Besides ordinary cinema screens, 3D facility for watching a thrilling movie is also available.
    - A cinema bar is also present within the venue where you can order delicious food and a fantastic collection of drinks. Here is the link: http://www.electriccinema.co.uk/bar_food.php, to see the menu.
    - Special movies in 3D are played for the kids.  They can also become members of the club and enjoy two free tickets.
    - Special events are held at the Electric cinema on a regular basis for the purpose of screening and guest promotion.
    -  For those who have vision and listening issues, audio and subtitle description equipment are enabled.

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    Booking at Electric Cinema:

    Bookings can be made online and through box-office. But box office booking can only be made an hour before the show starts. Use the contact information given below for booking:

    Contact: +44 20 7908 9696
    Click here to make online booking.

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    Operational Hours:

    Though the cinema opens seven days a week but the timings depend on the movie shows.

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    191 Portobello Road, London W11 2ED, United Kingdom.

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    How to Reach Electric Cinema

    By Tube:

    The nearest tube station is the Ladbroke Grove transit station which is 7 minute's walk away from the cinema. After getting out of the station, head south on Ladbroke Grove/B450 towards Lancaster Rd and then take a left turn onto Westbourne Park Rd/B412. In the end turn right onto Portobello Rd. and you will reach your destination. View Map.

    By Bus:

    Portobello Road (Stop PJ) is 236 feet away from the cinema. You will have to take route number 23 from the Liverpool Street bus station to get dropped at this bus stop. Head east on Elgin Crescent towards Portobello Rd from the stop and then turn left onto Portobello Rd. The cinema will be located on the left side. View Map.

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