Facts about London Zoo

If you are a visitor in London with your kids accompanying you, then it would be great to visit London Zoo for a day. Amongst all the oldest zoos in the world, London Zoo is one that has thousands of animals residing in it. Zoological Society of London is responsible for all matters related to London Zoo. It is situated near regent park, right on the edge of Camden town and City of Westminster. In London zoo, several areas  are divided depending on the species of animals and those famous areas include the Animal Adventure, African Bird Safari, Aquarium, Blackburn Pavilion, and the Big Cats. There are several other interesting facts related to London zoo that are listed below.


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    It is world’s largest zoo, and was opened on 27th of April 1828 as a scientific zoo. The main purpose of the zoo at the start was to use it as a collection of scientific studies but in 1847, it was opened for the general public. The main focus of this zoo is to use it as a conversational and educational area.

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    There are more than 755 species preserved in London zoo and collectively, there are 16802 animals belonging to different species.

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    Currently there are 77 Mammal species that have 310 members which are kept in London Zoo.

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    There are 548 birds kept in London zoo and they belong to 113 different bird species.

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    Total 100 species of Reptiles and Amphibians are kept in London Zoo, and the number of animals belonging to these species is 506 in total.

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    Around 5458 fishes are kept in the  Zoo and they belong to 213 different species.

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    Total of 8272 invertebrates are living in London Zoo and they belong to 2532 different species.

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    To visit London Zoo alone, you should be above 16. Children Under 16 years of age cannot visit the Zoo unless they are accompanied with at least one adult.

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