Famous Fast Food Restaurants in Ottawa

Many of us feel great carve for fast food as delicious and spicy fast food is favorite among the people of all ages. Various fast food dishes like fried chicken, burger, French fries, pizzas, or a nicely decorated fresh salad are all time favorite especially in kids. If you are in the lively city of Ottawa then you are luck one to have great fun opportunities along with the delicious fast food restaurants. There are a lot of fast food restaurants in Ottawa which offer delicious cuisines with friendly environment on reasonable rates. People who are searching for some good fast food restaurants in Ottawa below are some of the details for their guidance.


  • 1

    McDonald's, is an international fast food chain which offer a variety of dishes like, juicy tender chicken, sandwiches and burger, salads, snacks and deserts.

  • 2

    Quizons Innes, offer classic Italian, club sandwich, Turkey Ranch & Swiss, Honey Bacon Club and many more on very reasonable rates.

  • 3

    Hinton burger, offer handmade burgers from local beef and a variety of other burgers like: Hinton cheese burger with signature BBQ sauce, Wellington with ketchup and pickles etc.

  • 4

    Pizza Pizza, are well reputed in Canadian food service industry, which provide a flavorful, varied and high-quality food services to its customers.

  • 5

    Fast Food Garden, offer a variety of fast food items which includes pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, beverages and deserts.

  • 6

    Tim Hortons, offers Sandwiches, Wraps and Hot Bowls, Snacks & Baked Goods, Cold Beverages and a lot of other variety.

  • 7

    1 For 1 Pizza, is an online fast food website which serves in Ottawa flavors in pizza, white meat items and deserts.

  • 8

    Extreme Pita, offers a wide range of healthy and unique food products, late night services are also being offered, where each serving is provided with open choice of vegetables.

  • 9

    KFC, stands amongst one of the world most popular fast food chains and specializes in variety of burger and chicken products. 

  • 10

    Chips & Dairy Fast Food, as its name presents that this restaurant offers white meat dishes and other fast food dishes on affordable price.

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