List of Squash Courts in Ottawa

Although underrated, squash is both an exciting and extremely demanding physical sport. Studies have shown that the number of calories burned playing a back and forth game of squash are comparable and in fact superior to most other sports. The fact that a small ball is chased around as it ricochets off of various walls provides a high degree of running and change of direction.

The following guide details Ottawa’s squash courts. Given the indoor and specialised nature of the game, these facilities either require membership or charge fees for play. Please contact them for details.


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    RA Centre

    The centre’s courts are available to all regardless of age or skill level. Membership and court information is available if you contact them directly. This is a great place if you enjoy playing squash. The facilities are excellent and rated very highly. You will have an enjoyable time here playing a tough game of squash after a hard day at the office.

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    Located on the Quebec side of the river, this facility offers squash and racquetball. This is also another great facility if you enjoy playing squash. The courts are very high quality and the staff is friendly and courteous. You will be able to enjoy countless hours of playing squash here.

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    Ottawa Athletic Club

    This club offers squash programs for beginners as well as those who have a great deal of experience. This is a nice club to visit if you are looking to learn how to play squash and take some decent lessons. If you are a more experienced squash player you can still learn some new tips and tricks at this club. The facilities are top notch at this club and you are sure to have a great time playing squash here.

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    Queensview Squash

    An affiliate of Goodlife Fitness, this location offers squash court bookings and play. Make sure to make your court booking in advance if you plan on playing squash here. This is a popular place and it can get crowded during a certain time of the day. The facilities are of the highest quality and you will be sure to have a decent time playing a game of squash with your friends or family.

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    Carleton University

    Available to University students (and their guests) only, these courts are located on campus. This is another great place to have a squash match. However, it should be noted that is not open to the general public as it is only for students of the university or their guests. So unless if you know anyone that studies here, there is little chance of getting in to play a game of squash.

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