Call Centers Jobs in Ottawa Overview

Call centers have registered an increase throughout the world because they have now become a necessity for not only the companies themselves, but also the consumers. There are mainly two different types of call centers – inbound and outbound. Inbound call centers deal with calls that consumers make to the company to inquire about their services/products or make complaints, whereas an outbound call center deals with the CSRs (call center representatives) making calls to potential clients (usually for telemarketing purposes). Although call centers display levels of variability as far as their pros and cons are concerned, many people still wish to join the industry. If you’re looking for call center jobs in Ottawa, this article will prove as your step by step guide to help you work towards that cause.


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    It is imperative that you first have a resume, which is a document that exhibits your skills set to a potential employer. It will have information regarding your professional experience (if any) as well as academic achievements.

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    The most effective and easiest way of getting a call center job is to find somebody who has already worked or is currently employed in the call center industry. This can be in your immediate or extended social circle. They can not only provide you with the company’s information but also help answer your queries regarding the industry itself. Also, it is good to have a reference in the company you’re applying to, because it increases your chances of being selected.

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    You can also consult recruitment agencies that work towards placing people in job openings by different companies. A few examples of agencies that work towards that cause in Ottawa are:

    ExcelHR claims to be a pioneer in delivery quality recruits to companies in Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver.

    Hays Special Recruitment is based in Ottawa and has an annual revenue of  £2.1 billion, speaking for its success in recruitments specialization.

    Hunt Personnel Employment Agency is committed to providing quality recruits to companies while making sure the job is what a recruit will be interest in.

    The Pollack Group has been bridging distances between reliable and quality employers and employees for over 3 decades now.

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    Besides these mediums, there are also online websites which host a number of job openings that are available in various companies. You can register yourself in a few of them and apply once you find a call center related job in Ottawa whose criteria you meet.

    David Aplin Recruiting has job vacancies categorized by their industry, specialization and areas.

    ITJobsRUs specializes in providing IT related jobs, which includes call centers as well.

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    Once you’ve been called for an interview after passing through the short listing process, make sure you are dressed in a presentable manner and are at your professional best. Confidence is the key to succeeding, but be aware of the fact that there’s a thin line between being confident and over-confident which should not be crossed.

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