Procedure for Applying Zambia Tourist Visit Visa from Ottawa

Zambia, officially known as Republic of Zambia, displays some of the most beautiful landscapes and sceneries of the World that are enough to attract any nature loving tourist. Understanding the need of tourism and its popularity, the Zambia High Commission in Ottawa has exempted the Nationals of many countries from Visa including Malta, Malawi, Kenya and other African Countries. However, the national of other countries still need to get a visa after fulfilling the requirements imposed by the High Commission. These are simple and straight, however for those who does not know the exact procedure, this step by step guide to get Zambia Tourist visit visa from Ottawa will be helpful.


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    Visa Exempted Countries

    The Residents of the following countries do not need visa to enter Zambia.

    Maldives Malta, Mauritius Mozambique, Namibia,Darussalam, Cyprus, Dominica, Fiji Island, The Gambi, Grenada, Guyana Jamaica, Kenya Kiribati, The Bahamas, Swaziland, Tanzania, Tonga, Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados, Singapore, Solomon Islands, South Africa, Antigua & Barbuda, Belize, Botswana, Brunei, Lesotho Malawi , Nauru, St. Kitts and Nevis St. Lucia, St Vincent & Grenadines, Samoa, Seychelles, Tuvalu, Uganda, Vanuatu,  Zimbabwe

    The Nationals of all other countries need visa to enter Zambia from Canada.

    Nationals of Norway, Sweden, and Finland nationals shall be issued with gratis visas at Missions or Port of Entry.  The visas are multiple entry and valid for six months.  Denmark – Gratis Visa to be issued at Mission before travel.

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    Application Form

    You can download application form available at the official website of the Zambia High commission in London. You can also download it from the link given below.

    Click to Download Visa Application Form.

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    Visa Requirements

    You should meet the following requirements to be able to get visa.

    a)      Two completed Application Forms
    b)      Should have valid passport with at least six months to expiry,
    c)       Should have a visa fee,
    d)      Should have enough  funds required for your complete journey,
    e)      Travel Itinerary,
    f)       Prepaid, Self-addressed, Stamped envelope
    g)  And any other thing that is required by the Zambia High Commission.

  • 4

    Visa Fee

    Single Entry Visa Fee:                  USD 50
    Double Entry Visa Fee:                USD 80
    Multiple Entry Visa Fee:              USD 80

    Visa Fee can be paid through Money Order Only. It should be made payable to the name of “High Commission of the Republic of Zambia”.

  • 5

    Submission of Application

    Application can be submitted in person or by mail. In case you want to submit in person, visit the visa section of the High Commission in Ottawa between 09:30 to 12:30 from Monday to Friday. In case you choose mailing service, you should send your prepaid, stamped, self-addressed postal return envelope with your application.

  • 6

    Processing Time

    You should wait for at least two weeks before contact mission in Ottawa for your visa. In case of postal service, your visa may face delays due to time consumed in courier services. Therefore, it is suggested to submit your application at least one month before your departure plan.

  • 7

    Receive Visa

    After issuance of visa, you can receive it from the Visa Section or you can wait for postal service to deliver it.

  • 8

    Check List

    You should check the following things before submission of application

    a)      Two Completed Application Form
    b)      Passport that should be valid for at least six months
    c)       Visa Fee is attached
    d)      Bank statement is attached
    e)      Travel Itinerary is attached
    f)       Hotel Booking is attached

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