How to get CCTV Installed in Ottawa

CCTV equipments are widely used by government departments, retail shops, industries and homes for their security purposes. Suffice to say, CCTV products have now become a necessity in safeguarding not only residential but public property as well. Their use has proved to be an effective deterring factor as far as security issues are concerned, especially in the face of terrorist activities that have surfaced in the past decade. Not only that, but burglaries and thefts are also reported to be on a decline in places where CCTV cameras and other equipments have been used. Considering that, an increasing number of Ottawa residents and population have also started installing CCTV products. If you want to become a part of the group and make CCTV installation a part of your property in Ottawa, this article will step by step list down the companies that can help you in this regard.


  • 1

    360 Advanced Security Corporation provides a total CCTV package, offering various products that you can use.

  • 2

    National Capital Alarm & Surveillance has installed different CCTV products, including burglar alarm systems, in a number of different areas over the past decade.

  • 3

    Redflag Security strives to offer CCTV products at affordable costs, pledging to keep Ottawa’s population safe and secure.

  • 4

    Mirtech International Security Inc has panic alarms, smoke detectors, intercoms and other CCTV equipment to play its part in keeping your property safe.

  • 5

    Lumenera Inc provides secret cameras that are based on sophisticated sensors that will make sure your assets are safe from thefts and unsafe activities.

  • 6

    Canadian Security Team is a security company which also provides latest technology of CCTV systems that will keep your home and the environment safe.

  • 7

    Henderson Security Solutions Inc has been protecting residents of Ottawa for 40+ years with their CCTV systems.

  • 8

    Avenue Security Center Inc has been in existence since the past 3 decades, offering sophisticated CCTV systems and their installations.

  • 9

    A B A provides home security system, sophisticated CCTV cameras with different designs along with a host of other CCTV products.

  • 10

    Catech Systems Ltd was founded in 1989 by a dynamic entrepreneur and since then, it has grown by leaps and bounds, providing a variety of solutions to businesses, including their security needs.

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