How to Hire a Beauty Spa Trainer in Ottawa

Every year many people visit the salon or spa for beauty services amongst which estheticians and hairstylists are found constantly on a high demand. Millions of dollars are spent on these beauty services every year. Therefore hiring a good beauty spa trainer is very important.


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    In order to hire a good beauty spa trainer one must look out for the famous and well reputed beauty schools first of all because they will certainly have good trainers too. This will narrow your search of finding the right trainer for your beauty spa.

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    Currently the famous beauty spa training schools in Ottawa are:

    Gina’s College of Advanced Aesthetics

    Ottawa Beauty School

    Ottawa Academy

    MASTER esthetician

    Versailles Academy of Make-up Arts

    Marvel Beauty Schools

    West End Academy

    Beauty Academy School of Esthetics and Hairstyling

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    You should do a proper advertisement so that all the beauticians/trainers in town get to know about the job opening. You should always mention your requirements while advertising, as it will automatically filter those who won’t be able to meet your requirement. In addition, mentioning salary is not a bad thing as well because the one who will come for the interview will not negotiate on the salary issues with you. Moreover, you should always see what salaries are being given before hiring the trainers in order to get an idea.

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    While conducting the interviews never forget to see the licensing of the experts you will hire. The licensing and resumes of the trainer or beautician sitting in front of you should include professional references, as these things will certify him.

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    You should negotiate the client percentage fees with the candidate. In addition, you should base your plan on hourly rates per costumer. Normally most of the trainers keep 60 percent of the hourly rates and when it comes to the massage therapists it becomes 40 percent.

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    Check whether if the trainer knows dealing with the equipment or not. See if he really knows the nature of work. Never rely on his license only. You should always go over special techniques such as body polishes or hot stone therapist to ensure that the person are hiring is well qualified.

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    In the end see if the beauty spa trainer you are about to hire also knows how to deal with the customers.

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