List of Cupcake Shops in Ottawa

Fans of cupcakes can attest that the delicious little treats that were thought to be a fad are indeed here to stay. With shops specialising specifically in cupcakes popping up in the past few years, there is no doubt that these delicious little treats are hot in demand.

Ottawa, like any other metropolis these days, provides an array of cupcake shops to choose from ranging in price, selection, location, custom orders etc. The list below outlines the city’s best cupcake shops as well as pertinent information for getting you in touch with the one that best meets your needs.


  • 1

    The Cupcake Lounge

    Serving an extensive collection of luxurious cupcakes that varies slightly from day to day, this local shop is popular and conveniently located in the ByWard Market area of downtown. Orders can be made online (minimum 12 cupcakes). Make sure to visit the place if you love cupcakes. You will find a tremendous selection of some of the best cupcakes around. The online ordering facility makes it really easy to get the cupcakes that you love.

  • 2

    Isobel’s Cupcakes and Cookies

    With a focus on design that matches the quality and taste of their treats, Isobel’s is conveniently located and well received for their delicious treats. Cupcake lovers who enjoy cookies and drinks will love this place. Bring your family and friends and be sure to order some of their delicious cupcakes. They have an excellent variety of treats that the whole family will enjoy.

    NOTE: Closed on Mondays

  • 3

    The Flour Shoppe

    With cupcakes available in store and by order, these cupcake “connoisseurs” use local quality ingredients and small batches to create their treats. If you want something special then this is the place to go for some of the best cupcakes in town. Their flavour and taste will surely impress and make you come back for more.

    NOTE: Closed on Mondays

  • 4

    The Cake Shop

    Offering beautifully designed cupcakes and cookies, this shop/café also produces beautiful ice cream cakes and cakes for all occasions including engagements. This shop is also 10o% nut free. If you want something special then this is the place to go. You can get anything you want designed specifically for you.

  • 5

    Ready-Made Custom Cupcakes

    Specialising in custom made cupcakes with edible logos for corporate events and special occasions, this online shop is easy to use and delicious to boot.

  • 6

    Cake Me Home Tonight

    Beyond the creative name, this shop specialises in home-made cupcakes including those with cream fillings! Orders are available for pick up and delivery.

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