List of Ottawa’s Youth Baseball Leagues

Physicists claim that the most difficult thing to do in all of sports is to hit a Major League fastball. With pitches that can travel up to 100 miles an hour (160 kilometres), hitting it at the exact instant required to project it far enough is an extremely difficult task. Canada is extremely well represented in Major League Baseball (MLB), the top baseball league in the world. This success is due in large part to the sport’s popularity with young children in what has come to be called “Little League”.

The following is a list of youth baseball leagues in Ottawa.


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    South Ottawa Little League

    This league offers competitive and fun play from ages 4-18. There are two seasons annually; Spring and Summer. If your kids are interested in baseball then this Little League is perfect for you. They have experienced coaches and a wonderful attitude towards having all the players regardless of skills participate and enjoy the sport. Your kids will definitely learn the fundamentals in this Little League.

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    Glebe Little League

    Established as part of the community in 1955, this league is recognised as the oldest little league in Canada. The league serves ages 6-19. If you want a good place for your kids to learn all the fundamentals of baseball and enjoy the sport as well then this Little League is for you. Your kids will love the atmosphere and the competitive games.

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    Orleans Little League Baseball

    Offer winter ball along with league play during the more common summer and spring months. The league is located in the city’s east end. Get your kids signed up for this exciting Little League. They will love the atmosphere and learn everything they need to know about baseball.

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    Carleton Russell Little League

    Offer competitive baseball for ages 4-18 and are part of the larger District 6 Little League of Ontario. If your kids are a little older and have some experience playing baseball then this Little League might just be the right place for them. They will have a very competitive time developing their skills and learning all that they can about this great sport. The attitude is wonderful and the staff is very qualified and helpful.

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    Kanata Little League

    Offer a wonderful team environment and competitive play for children ages 5-18. If you want to keep it simple and have your kids enjoy baseball then this is great place for them. They will definitely enjoy the relaxed attitude as they get an opportunity to play some ball.

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    Pinecrest Little League

    This league offers year-round play for children ages 6-14. If you want your kids to be active all year long and they enjoy baseball then this Little League is a great place for them to sign up. They will enjoy the great coaching staff and competitive spirit that is developed along with honing their baseball skills.

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