Procedure for Applying Philippines Tourist Visit Visa from Ottawa

Because of the mutual cooperation and strong bilateral relations between Canada and Philippines, the Canadian citizens have the privilege to visit Philippine for a certain period of time without any visa. However, all other Nationals, living or staying in Canada and want to apply for the Philippine, one of the most visiting tourism spot in the modern era, they have to fulfil the requirements that has been set by the Philippine Embassy. Still, there are very few conditions that should be met to get a place into eligible candidates. For those, who want to apply for Philippine tourist visit visa from Ottawa this guide will make the process easier for them.


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    Visa Exempted Countries

    Canadian Citizens are allowed to enter and stay in Philippine for up to 21 days if they are going for visit. However, they should have return booking and passport valid for at least six months. The Nationals of all of other countries need to get a visa before entering into Philippine.

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    Visa Application Form

    First of all, you need to collect visa application available at the Embassy Website. You can also download application form available at the official website of the Philippine Embassy. Alternatively, you can also download application form given at the link below.

    Click to Download Application Form.

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    In order to be eligible for the tourist visit visa, you should have the following things:

    a)      Passport that should be valid for at least six months,
    b)      Visa Fee
    c)       Sufficient funds

    Above mentioned requirements serves as prerequisites but if you complete these you need to provide the following document for your complete application.

    a)      Completed Application form that should be signed duly by the applicant,
    b)      Two passport sized photographs in light colour background,
    c)       Valid passport with at least six months to expiry date and should have at least two blank pages,
    d)      Visa fee in the shape of money order or bank draft,
    e)      Any other requirements that embassy has imposed on the applicants.

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    Visa Fee

    There are two types of Visitors visa - Restricted and Non-Restricted.  Fee is as given below:

    Temporary Visitors: Non-Restricted

    Single Entry Valid for three months:        34.50 CAD
    Multiple Entry Valid for six months:         69.00 CAD
    Multiple Entry Valid for one year:             103.50 CAD

    Temporary Visitors: Restricted

    Single Entry Valid for three months:        46.50 CAD
    Multiple Entry Valid for six months:         92.00 CAD
    Multiple Entry Valid for one year:             138.00 CAD

    Fee can only be submitted via Money Order made payable to the name of the “Philippine Embassy in Ottawa”.

    Click to locate the Nearest Post Office.

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    Submission of Application

    Visa Applications can be submitted in person or by mail. In case of physical submission, you should visit the Visa Section of the Embassy between 09:00 to 16:00 from Monday to Friday. In case, you want to submit through mail service, use only registered mail and send a prepaid, self-addressed, stamped return envelope with your application. However, in this case, you will also have to complete the Visa Application Form 2 and notarize it before submission.

    Embassy of Philippines
    130 Albert Street Suite, 606 Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5G4 View Map
    +1 613 233 1121
    Visit Embassy of Philippines Website

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    Processing Time

    Standard processing time for the visa applications is 5 working days. However, it may change according to the specific application. So, you should consult with Embassy for exact timings and duration.

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    Receive Visa

    After the specified time, you can collect your visa from the Visa section of the Embassy. If you send your application by mail, your visa will be sent back to you by mail.

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    Check List

    Before submission of application check the following documents:

    a)      Completed Application Form,
    b)      Valid Passport,
    c)       Visa Fee,
    d)      Bank Statement,
    e)      Prepaid, stamped, postal envelope.

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