How to Reach Parliament Hill in Ottawa

Parliament Hill is the home of Canada’s federal legislature and an iconic symbol representing a national commitment to democracy and peace. Any visit to Ottawa is considered to be incomplete without a trip to this incredible historic area. The Hill is home to Canada’s parliament buildings, which were built between 1858 and 1927 as well as sprawling public grounds.  Parliament Hill welcomes over three million visitors on an annual basis. Parliament serves as the site where Senate and the House of Commons meet to serve Canada’s best interests. Guided tours are available year-round, taking patrons through public galleries as well the Peace Tower, which provides a 360 degree panorama view of Parliament Hill.

There are several ways to get to Parliament Hill. The various options and steps are outlined below based on whether you would like to arrange for a large group  (10 and up), as a small group or as part of a school trip.


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    Organize a Tour (Groups of 10 and up)

    In order to enjoy the full Parliament Hill experience, it is recommended that a tour be taken with one of the Hill's highly informed and personable tour guides.

    Group reservations are available and should be made in advance if your group is 10 members or larger. Although tours and reservations are free of charge, there is a $100 no show fee once a reservation has been made.

    Tours vary in length from 20 to 60 minutes depending on Parliamentary activity. No specific tour departure times are listed.

    Reservations for groups can be made via an online reservation request or by fax (PDF Here).


    If you are visiting with a group from out of town, there are various charter buses and tours available. For information click here.

    If you are within the city, Ottawa's public transportation service known as the OC Transpo is a fantastic way to commute around the city in a reliable and comfortable manner. A wonderful service offered by the OC Transpo website is a Travel Planner that allows you to search how to get to Parliament Hill from within the city's limits. The travel planner can be found here. Ticket and fare information can be found here.

    Parliament Hill is located at 1 Wellington Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6.

    Ottawa also offers wonderful walking and cycling conditions depending on the time of year you visit the Parliament Hill area.

    When you do arrive at Parliament Hill be sure to head to the Visitor Tour Centre for all information and tour tickets. The entrance is located in the Centre Block at the base of the Peace Tower, the highest part of the parliament building. Visitor Information can be found here.

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    Small Groups

    If your group is fewer than 10, same day tour tickets are available and begin at 9 am. There are a limited number of tickets each day, and therefore no guarantee that you will get a tour late in the day. Ticket information is available at the Visitor Information Centre.


    Public Transportation information is available in the Information in Step 1.

    If you are planning on driving to Parliament Hill,  please note that there is no parking available on the Hill although there are several municipal paid lots within short walking distance.

    Another recommended method of getting around Ottawa in a safe and easy manner is by public taxicab. The names and contact information is available below.

    Blue Line Taxi Co Ltd.

    Capital Taxi

    DJ's Taxi

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    School Tours

    A trip to Parliament Hill is an extremely educational and memorable event for students and teachers alike. Between the months of September and April you can choose from a Primary and Junior level tour. Information is available here.

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    Last but not least enjoy your trip to Parliament Hill!

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