How to Visit 1000 Islands Near Ottawa

The total number of those Islands is 1864 and they cover an overwhelmingly vast area of 80 kilometers, with the size ranging from being as large as 100 square kilometers to as small as only having a few overgrown shrubs and some trees.  This adds to the attraction of the Islands and turns it into an absolute picturesque area, enticing tourists and locals to throng the spot for its scenic views. This is specially true for people of Ottawa and Kingston areas. The island also promises two castles; the Boldt Castle and Singer Castle, in all their majestic beauty. You can tour the area via boat tours and also visit the castles, guided by tour operators and who will inform you about the exclusive history and culture.

Everything you will need to arrange a tour of the area is explained in the steps below.

Address: 1 Heart Island, Alexandria Bay, NY 13607, United States. View Map.
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Visit Boldt Castle’s website.


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    Determine what you want to do in the area

    The 1000 Islands and areas that surround it have been playing host to tourists for over 150 years. Depending on your personal interests and the time of the year you visit, there is no dearth of activities available which will help you explore and enjoy the area in full, so you can take home memories to cherish!

    Dive Brockville Adventure Centre promises a full service of canoe, charted tours of the area and scuba diving. They operate from May to October.

    1000 Islands Kayaking Co offers an excellent opportunity for kayak lovers by providing collective as well as individual chartered kayak tours of the 1000 Islands.

    1000 Islands Camping Resort is the perfect place for people who have a knack for camping with friends and family. After all, who wants to miss a chance to come closer to nature?

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    How to Get to the Area

    It is easily accessible through Canada because of the convenient location it lies in, that is, along 401 Federal Highway. And the way to drive out of the highway is by taking the 410 exit in Gananonque, because it is closest to the 1000 Islands area. And for people who are planning to access the area through the US, interstate 81 is the best way to get to the 1000 Islands. Although not required, but it is good to be on the safe side and bring your passport or citizenship documents along in case there is a need to cross the border.

    If you are staying in the area without a vehicle and need to get around, the following taxi services are reliable and efficient.

    Gananoque Taxi

    Kingston Area Taxi Commission

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    Booking Tours

    Chartered tours with experienced guides as well as personalized boat tours of the 1000 Islands are readily available and are highly popular. Regardless of where you’re planning to come from, one of the following providers will meet your needs.

    Gananoque Boat Line offers a variety of tours aboard triple deck boats. Let the brightness of the day envelope you or enjoy the tranquil sights and sounds in the night

    Kingston 1000 Islands Cruises is the largest provider of tours in the area thus, this company is sure to have a tour package that meets your needs! It includes restaurants and live entertainment packages as well.

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    Booking Hotels and Campgounds

    There are several motels, hotels and camp sites available in the area, that offer enough variety to meet the needs of anyone who may be visiting.

    A comprehensive list of hotels and motels in and around the Gananoque area is available here.

    The area offers an abundance of scenic and safe camping locations. Please use this service to allow you to select the area you would like as your camping site. The list is available here.

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