How to Get to Ikea in Ottawa

It should be noted that Ottawa only has one Ikea. The city makes it count however, as Ottawa’s Ikea is the largest in all of North America. Opened in December of 2011, this location has over 425,000 square feet and a cafeteria space that sits over 400 people.

Ikea is a Swedish furniture company that has become one of the most recognized and powerful brands in the world. Offering stylish, unique and affordable quality furniture, Ikea has something to offer everyone who loves their home and decorating it.


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    Even if this Ikea was 10% the size, it would be clearly visible from the 417 highway. The nearest highway exit is Pinecrest Road. The location link in the introductory paragraph provides an easy way to get directions to Ikea Ottawa from anywhere. In order to use the feature, click on the "Get Directions" button below the Google symbol.

    There is ample indoor and outdoor free parking available throughout the entire plaza and ample parking available for Ikea customers only.

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    Public Transportation

    If you are looking for the most reliable and convenient transport then public transport, called the OC Transpo, is the easiest way to get around the city. Please refer to how to take the bus in Ottawa to get an idea of how to use the public transport system of Ottawa.

    The travel planner that is provided by OC Transpo can be found here. For information regarding tickets, click  here.

    Note: The following bus routes stop in close proximity to Ikea; 96, 101, 67, 152, 172 and 173.

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    There are numerous high quality and efficient taxicab providers in the area of Ottawa. Some of them are listed below:

    - Blue Line Taxi Co Ltd.
    - Capital Taxi
    - DJ's Taxi

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    We hope you enjoy your Ikea shopping experience.

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