List of Dental Hygiene Schools in Ottawa

A registered dental hygienist is a licensed dental professional whose speciality is in preventative healthcare. Although most hygienists work as part of a dentist’s team within a dental office, legislation in Canada has recently allowed hygienists to open their own clinics. Hygienists specialise in the cleaning of teeth, scaling, as well as dental hygiene assessments.

The following list provides information pertaining to dental hygiene schools in Ottawa. These schools offer recognised and reputed programs that train aspiring hygienists. It is important that a program be accredited to prepare graduates to succeed in passing their National Dental Hygiene Certification Board (NDHCB) examination.


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    Algonquin College

    Offer a 3 year advanced diploma program that focuses on preparing its students for real world application of their profession. The link below offers details regarding the program, fees, the application process and the minimum application requirements. Clinical experience is earned through placements. If you are serious about becoming a dental hygienist then this might be the right program for you. Remember that it will take a lot of hard work and some patience if you want to succeed in becoming a dental hygienist.

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    Canadian National Institute of Health (CNIH)

    CNIH offers a three term accelerated dental hygiene program that includes clinical experience at the school's in-house clinic. The admission process includes an interview as well as a written examination to go along with the prerequisite courses taken at the high school level. This might be a good choice for you if you want to get your feet wet in the exciting world of becoming a dental hygienist. Make sure that you follow all of the requirements so that you stand a good chance of getting admission in to the program.

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    Online options:

    Do some research online and you will find different programs that you can apply for to learn how to become a dental hygienist through online courses. These courses are usually linked with most major universities and can be a very good option if you are already working and are unable to attend regular classes. Also, online courses are much lower in cost and you can pace them according to your own schedule. Be sure that the online course is accredited and recognised. You will also find many different options to gain practical experience even if your courses are based online. Do as much research as possible to find out if an online option is worth it for you. Also, try to check to see if the degree or certification that is awarded is credible and accepted in the area that you plan on practicing.

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