List of Christmas Tree Farms in Ottawa

A Christmas tree is most commonly a fir or pine tree that is decorated for the purpose of celebrating Christmas. Originally, it was decorated with edible items such as apples and figs along with candles which over time evolved into ornaments, lights and tinsel. Although nowadays many families opt for artificial trees, those made of plastic that look identical to real trees, it is hard to beat the originality, smell, look and feel of a genuine Christmas tree.

Ottawa has several Christmas tree farms in the area that provide a wide ranging and high quality selection. This list details these farms.


  • 1

    Ian’s Evergreen Plantation

    Ian’s is a 350 acre farm that offers thousands of pruned and shaped trees to choose from. There are also many activities to take part in and free hot chocolate. Make sure that you bring your family, especially the kids to pick out a decent Christmas tree. You will definitely have a nice time with your kids as they run around looking for the best tree.

  • 2

    Cedar Hill Christmas Tree Farm

    This farm has been harvesting trees since 1978 and offers a bevy of activities as well as beautiful trees and wreaths. Take a trip to Cedar Hill Christmas Tree Farm for some of the best selection of trees for your home during the holidays. Make sure to bring a friend to help you pick something special. You will find a tremendous selection of high quality trees that will be perfect for you to put in your home.

  • 3

    Kings Creek Nurseries

    This facility offers a wide range of plants to go along with their fantastic selection of Christmas trees. If you like a nice variety of trees and plants then this is definitely the place for you. They have some of the best trees to select from.

  • 4

    Fallowfield Tree Farm

    This farm has a passion for making Ottawa beautiful by offering various trees year round including the ones perfect for Christmas. Visit the Fallowfield Tree Farm for the best selection of high quality Christmas trees. Be sure to walk around and you are bound to find something very special for your family.

  • 5

    Thomas Tree Farm

    Thomas Offers a complete tree selecting process, from the sleigh ride to the trees all the way to the home-made cookies and hot chocolate in the sugar shack. Bring your family and friends to have a magical experience as you look for the perfect Christmas tree. The kids will definitely love the hot chocolate and cookies while they help you pick something special for Christmas.

  • 6

    Hillcrest Tree Farm

    Hillcrest offers a wide selection of trees and wreaths to go along with their popular sleigh rides. Let the kids enjoy a nice sleigh ride as you look for the perfect Christmas tree for the home. Take your time and you will be sure to find the best tree possible. The Hillcrest Tree Farm has a good variety of trees available.

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