Ottawa Public Universities & Colleges Overview

Ottawa is  home to two large and well recognized universities as well as a myriad of other colleges and post secondary institutions. Regardless of the education and subsequent career you seek, the city of Ottawa and it’s schools have something to offer you.

Being situated in the Nation’s capital, Ottawa schools also provide students the opportunity to learn in both official languages concurrently. There is also flexibility in terms of part-time, full-time and online learning.

Below is a listing of Ottawa’s universities and colleges. For a step by step list of Ottawa’s private colleges, see here.


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    As mentioned above, Ottawa is home to two large and well established universities. Although they differ in terms of the courses that are offered at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels, both share in that they provide a strong environment for learning and future growth.

    Ottawa also features Saint Paul University, a Catholic Pontifical university that is federated with the University of Ottawa.

    a. Carleton University

    Founded in 1942, Carleton University is a comprehensive institution that offers 65 programs in a diverse range of subjects. Consistently recognized on many university rankings, the school has a strong reputation in Public Relations, Business Administration, and Journalism. The school has a faculty of 2000 plus and a student body of 25,000.

    b. University of Ottawa

    Located in the heart of Ottawa's downtown, this institution is one of the oldest schools in Canada. Founded in 1848, the school has more than 4,500 staff and faculty serving 39,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students. The school is recognized for it's strong Medicine, Sciences, Law, Political Science and International Affairs programs.

    c. Saint Paul University

    Established in 1965, this small university has 750 students studying in field related to Theology, Philosophy and Human Sciences. It offers education in both French and English.

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    a. Algonquin College

    Algonquin College is an applied arts and technology college whose main campus is in Ottawa. There are also two satellite campuses in Pembroke, Ontario and Perth, Ontario. This institution serves 18,000 students with 1,500 staff.

    b. La Cité collégiale

    Since it's opening in 1989, this school has been Ontario's largest french-language college. With a focus on applied arts and technology, it serves a student body of 4,700

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