List of Places to Make Your Own Wine in Ottawa

Wine is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented grapes. With a history dating back almost 8,000 years, it is one of the oldest drinks in human history. Beyond its alcoholic content (usually 13%), wine is also popular as a healthy beverage if taken in moderation. Red wines in particular are noted for their high level of anti-oxidants which help with overall cardiovascular health benefits.

Wineries and wine making kits have become popular as people choose to make and taste their own creations. There are several popular and high quality places to make wine in Ottawa. The following list details these locations.


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    Vinbella Winery

    Established in 1992, this winery has been voted as one of the best places to make wine in Ottawa. If you are looking to make your own wine then this winery is  definitely for you. There are many steps or methods for making your own wine and you will find the staff at this winery very helpful and informative. Be sure to take your friends or family members for a pleasant time making your own wine.

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    DeFalco’s Wine Cellars

    With 3 locations around the city of Ottawa, DeFalco’s offers wine making kits and in-house brewing and wine making. If you are just looking to get your hands on a top quality wine making kit then this is the place for you to go. You will find an excellent selection of various wine making kits that you can use at home to produce some decent wine according to your own taste and flavour.

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    Wine Station

    Established in 1992, Wine Station offers over 300 wine making kits for in-store kits and those who wish to make wine at home. This place has the ultimate collection of some of the best wine making kits. There are many kits to choose from that are designed to help you make some good quality wine at home. If you are looking for one of the best selections in wine making kits then you should visit this place with your friends or family and get started on making some decent homemade wine.

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    Opening in 1988, this facility offers beer and wine making on the premises to offer the best possible value, service and quality. Take a trip here to get a good idea of different wine making kits that are available. You can put together your own particular wine in their premises which makes it a lot more fun and easy to enjoy wine making. The staff is very courteous and informative in terms of helping your make your own style or taste of wine.

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    The Wine Botegga

    This family owned and operated winery promises an enjoyable and educational wine making experience with friendly and personal service. Take your time and enjoy an excellent afternoon making some very tasty wines at this winery. Their staff is very helpful and will show you all the tips and tricks that you will need to get the job done right. The personal service is definitely a plus for anyone that does not have any experience in making their own wine.

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    Musca Wine Pressing and Supplies Limited

    Serving the Ottawa area for 40 years, Musca offers imported fresh juice used to make delicious varieties of wine.

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    Wine Kitz Iris

    Wine Kitz has 75 locations across Canada including this one in Ottawa. Wine Kitz has been offering quality service for 50 years.

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