24 Hours Open Restaurants in Ottawa

When you are living in the capital of Canada, Ottawa, and feel hungry in the chilly night of winters or the humid nighttime of summers, the places that are mentioned in this article will help you satiate that hunger. Whether you generally like to eat out or do not feel like cooking on a particular time of the day, make sure you visit one of these 24 hour open restaurants that serve delectably tempting menus to that will keep your hunger pangs in check and leave you craving for more.


  • 1

    Zak’s Diner has been in business since the past 2 decades, providing a jovial ambiance and delicious menu.

  • 2

    Elgin Street Diner is a reputable food outlet that has been offering mouth watering dishes in a comfortable environment.

  • 3

    Perkins Family Restaurant has been providing quality food through its main chain as well as the franchises, most of which, are open 24 hours a day.

  • 4

    Denny’s is reviewed to have a brilliant service, comfy setting and a reasonable value for money.

  • 5

    Mellos Restaurant has all the not-so-healthy food that one can think of. Milkshakes, smoked meat sandwiches, Turkey, mashed potatoes, club sandwiches – you name it, and they have it.

  • 6

    Rockwell's Restaurant has been providing the Ottawa city with an assortment of dishes since 1987.

  • 7

    Dunn's Famous Deli the place is pricey and the menu isn’t too impressive but when you’re hungry in the darkness of night, at least there’s a reasonable food joint that is open!

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