Procedure for Applying Syria Tourist Visit Visa from Ottawa

Syria has many places which work as tourist attractions including; Aleppo, Damascus, one of the oldest remaining Churches in the World called St. Simeon, besides having one of the largest and oldest mosques known as Umayyad. It has always been a source of attraction for tourists around the world. Many Canadian citizens and residents are among those tourists to Syria who love to experience the remix of vintage architecture with contemporary designs and cultures that the city provides. While applying for a tourist visit visa from Ottawa, potential tourists to Syria need to meet certain requirements and go through a few processes to avoid delays and inconvenience. If you want to make your trip to Syria, this step by step guide to get a Syria tourist visit visa from Ottawa will make the process easy for you.

Address: 46 Cartier St, Ottawa, ON K2P 1J3, Canada
Contact: +1 613 569 5556
Visit Embassy of Syria Website


  • 1

    Application Form

    The application form can be downloaded by going to the the consular section of Syrian Embassy’s Official Website. Alternatively you can download an application form by clicking the link given below.

    Download Visa Application Form.

  • 2


    People who hold Canadian passports and nationals of other countries who reside in Ottawa need to meet the following requirements in order to get a tourist visit visa.

    (a) Two application forms completed and duly signed by the applicant. Application form can be filled either in Arabic or English.
    (b) Passport that should have six months validity.
    (c) Two photographs that are passport sized and taken with a light color in the background.
    (d) Visa fee needs to be paid
    (e) Bank Statement
    (f) Complete address and phone number.

    The residents of Canada who have nationality of any other country should attach a photocopy of the Permanent Resident Card otherwise a letter from the home embassy is needed.

  • 3

    Visa Fee

    Visa fee for Canadian Passport holders is as follows:

    Single Entry visa valid for a period of three months: $73
    Multiple Entry Visa valid for a period of six months:  $141

    Visa fee for nationals of other countries is different. They can check the visa fee by making a call to Visa Section of the Syrian Embassy.

    Contact: +1 613-569-5556
    Ext: 235

    Fee can only be paid by money order that is payable to the “Embassy of Syria, Ottawa”. If it is submitted by any other means, then it will be rejected by the embassy.

  • 4

    Submission of Application

    Applications can only be submitted by “Express Post”. You should submit a return envelope that is self-addressed and prepaid along with being duly stamped with your application to receive back the visa.

    Click to locate the nearest Post Office in Ottawa.

  • 5

    Processing Time

    Standard time for single application is five working days. However, there might be a change in duration depending on the situation of the application.

  • 6

    Receive Visa

    After the visa has been issued, your original documents along with the visa will be sent back on the given address. Remember to provide the correct address.

  • 7

    Final Check List

    Before submission of your application, the application package should be rechecked one final time. You need to check the following things:

    a) The application form is completed and signed by the applicant on the correct place.
    b) Visa fee is attached with the application form.
    c) Two passport size photographs are attached.
    d) Passport is valid for a minimum of six months and has at least one blank page.
    e) Return ticket is attached with the application form.
    f)  Proof of hotel bookings is attached with the application form.
    g) Return envelope meeting the requirements mentioned above is attached with the application form.

  • 8

    Things Allowed and Precautions

    You should take care of the things you are taking with you. You should first check with the embassy what may be allowed to take to Syria. Usually, cameras, music players, clothes, and other household products are allowed. The passport should also be carried by the tourist at all times to avoid any problem. In case of emergency in Syria, you should contact your nearest home embassy.

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