List of Vegan Restaurants in Ottawa

Veganism is a self-adopted lifestyle which renounces all animal food products and can extend to other areas of life. Vegans (those who practice Veganism) can be of many types, including those who are strictly against any food items derived from animals and those who are against the use of animals for any gain (along with the abstaining diet). While the term vegetarian is said to be used first in the 19th century (by an English Actress), the practice can be traced back to ancient India and other regions.

While most people today adopt veganism due to moral and ethical considerations, it involves religious values for others (such as the followers of Hinduism). However, this lifestyle choice, as one can imagine (and others attest to) is difficult to stick to, given that it requires a lot of persistence and careful consideration when it comes to daily consumables. Thankfully, Ottawa has a list of diverse, high-quality vegan restaurants for people to enjoy. These places are detailed below.


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    Café My House

    This vegan-friendly restaurant offers plant-based, fresh and organic food for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. They promote an eco-friendly lifestyle, provide packed lunches and give bus riders a 5% discount.

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    The Table – A Vegetarian Restaurant

    This restaurant is a vegan and gluten-free friendly establishment offering healthy and delicious food options since 2000. The Best Health Magazine rated The Table as Canada’s healthiest restaurant.

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    Perfection-Satisfaction-Promise – A Vegetarian Restaurant

    This uniquely named restaurant located near the University of Ottawa and serves vegan cuisine in a peaceful atmosphere since 1995. The menu has a lot of variety, including a few Indian items (pakoras and samosas) alongside a range of beverages and desserts.

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    Garden Spot – Carleton Food Collective

    Started in 2001 by the Carleton Food Collective, the Garden Spot is run by students who wanted to provide healthy food to their local community amidst all the unhealthy pre-packaged products.

    The Garden Spot has a “pay-what-you-can” system, where there are no fixed prices and meals are prepared by volunteers. The food is a result of donations and contributions and is served to everyone, from homeless people to students and professors.

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