How to get a Commercial Property on Lease in Ottawa

Ottawa is a great place to start or expand a business. Being the capital of Canada, it hosts government offices in its heart, besides boasting an excellent infrastructure. Promising opportunities to business ventures and considering the population count, the demand for commercial activity, Ottawa proves to be one of the most commercially apt cities of the world. This is why there has been an increase in the demand of commercial property on rent. Starting from shops to the needs of an expanding business, these properties prove to be beneficial. But the problem lies in how to get commercial property on rent in Ottawa, and this article will give you a complete detail.


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    Budget Consideration:

    Probably the first thing that comes into anyone’s mind while renting a property is to see, how difficult it may be on the pocket. This is especially true for small businesses. Consider your budget before starting the hunt for commercial property in Ottawa.

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    Decide Locality:

    Choose a locality for your potential commercial property on rent. It should complement the needs and aims of your business. Do you need the property as a factory? Try locating places in the suburbs. Planning to open a book store? Rent a property in such an area that caters to the demands of people wanting to buy books.

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    Visit Estate Agents:

    There are several property dealers, who deal in commercial property, their reliable services can be acquired. Some of them are listed below for your convenience.

    NAI Commercial

    Primecorp Commercial Realty Inc

    GinaRose Cristello - Keller Williams Solid Rock Realty.

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    Search Online Portals:

    There are many online portals that have listings of commercial properties; these portals are available for rent. This is one of the easiest ways to find out about the places of your choice, while sitting in your office or home. You may visit these websites mentioned below for the purpose:

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    Property Examination and Selection:

    When the property agents start showing you commercial properties that are available on rent, make sure you have a wide selection to make the best choice. This is like shopping for your clothes - lots of choices but you only pick the ones that you like.

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    Meet the Owner/Landlord:

    After you have finalized the property that you will be getting, fix a meeting with the owner and find out details of the property – the amount he is demanding as rent, does it lie under within your budget? Is the property safe and insured? These are some of the many questions that should be discussed.

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    Get Help of Lawyers / Solicitors:

    After getting a will from the concerned party for acquiring their property on rent, you need to make a legally binding agreement with them. It will list down all your rights as a renter and their as an owner. Hire a commercial property lawyer so you don't end up getting into a legal complication, in which you did not intended to. List of few prominent commercial property solicitors in Ottawa are mentioned as follow:

    Sean Kelly HBA

    Nirman's Law Professional Corporation

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