How to Buy a Dog in Ottawa

Adding a dog to a household is something that can enrich the lives of all those involved. Dogs, considered to be the first animals ever domesticated by humans are considered the most widely kept companion animal in human history. There is definitely a reason dogs are considered to be man’s best friend.

The following step by step guide outlines the process required to find and purchase the right dog for you in and around the Ottawa area. For a step by step guide on adopting a dog in the Ottawa area, see here.


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    What to Consider Before Buying

    Before purchasing a dog, the most important consideration that must be made is the type of breed that would best suit you and your particular family situation. Often, after conducting research on particular breeds one discovers that they are not at all suited to the type of lifestyle you may lead.

    A great deal of time will also have to be committed to training your dog. This is especially true when you consider that dogs being bought are usually puppies as compared to adopted animals which are more likely to be adult.

    See the links here for here for information on finding the right breed for you.

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    Where to Buy a Dog

    Dogs can be purchased from a variety of sources, each most likely to suit different types of owners. Some of the sources available in and around the Ottawa area are:


    Many people looking for pure-bred dogs will most likely have to contact a breeder for the pet of their choice. Breeders usually specialize in a particular breed, and will be a source for information regarding temperament, characteristics and long-term care. A breeder provides the best source of information regarding the dog's origin and health history.

    Pet Stores

    Pet stores also provide a viable and popular source for acquiring a dog. This method ensures that the proper shots and health checks have been administered and that the animal's origin is documented and known.

    On-line Sources

    A more popular form of acquiring dogs has been via on-line sites such as kijiji and usedottawa. These sites are updated daily with local residents and breeders looking to sell all  kinds of breeds. Caution should be taken to ensure that the animals are in good health and come from ethical means.

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    Registering Your Dog

    The dogs and cats bought have to be registered with the city every year. Information on the registration process and fees can be found here.

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    Things to Consider After Buying Your Dog

    Once you have purchased the right dog for you and your family, other important decisions remain regarding caring and training your new pet.


    Ottawa and the surrounding area offers a choice of dog training facilities to ensure that your pet behaves the way they should. Please see the map and listing here for dog trainers near Ottawa.


    Finding your dog the right veterinarian is another important aspect of ensuring your animal good long-term health.  A list of local vets can be found here.


    For any remaining pet needs, a list of stores, shops and resources can be found here.

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    Good luck to all those trying to find the right pet for their family!

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