List of Art Galleries in Ottawa

Canada’s capital city is home to some of the the nation’s most celebrated art galleries. Fans of art will enjoy the National Gallery of Canada and its wonderful collection of Canada’s best work. Moshe Safdie, who is a well-known architect designed it and it was opened for the public in 1988. This visual wonder is in a beautiful area of Ottawa that should be considered by locals and visitors alike.

The following steps list the galleries Ottawa has to offer to guests looking to learn, enjoy or be inspired by a wide range of artwork.


  • 1

    National Gallery of Canada

    With a beautiful view of Ottawa's parliament, this museum is home to our nation's most celebrated art works. It is highly recommended for all fans of art. Be sure to take a few hours out of your hectic schedule and head over to the National Gallery of Canada with your friends or family members for a memorable time enjoying the wonderful works of art on display. You will definitely have a great time as you go through the various art. If you enjoy art then this is definitely the place for you.

  • 2

    SAW Gallery

    With a strong focus on socially engaging media and performing arts, this artist run museum has been a favourite since it's start in 1973. This is a great place to bring the kids as they will have a wonderful experience as they enjoy all the visual and performing arts. The art will come alive and you will definitely get the most out of visiting the SAW Gallery.

  • 3

    Terrence Robert Gallery

    A fantastic contemporary art museum located near the Byward Market. If you enjoy contemporary art then make sure you head over to Terrence Robert Gallery. You will find some beautiful works of art here. Take some time out of your daily routine and take a trip to this gallery for a few memorable hours.

  • 4

    Cube Gallery

    Serving as both an excellent event venue and contemporary fine art gallery, the Cube Gallery is an Ottawa gem. If you are a fan of contemporary art then this the right place for you. Bring your friends or family members along to enjoy some great works of art.

  • 5

    Gallery 101

    A not-for-profit artist run centre focusing on the work of local talent. Here you will find an excellent selection of local art. You will definitely have an enjoyable time as you check out the great works of art on display.

  • 6

    Ottawa Art Gallery

    A non- profit art gallery committed to the presentation of contemporary art. Try to visit the Ottawa Art Gallery if you want to see some of the finest art in the country. You can spend hours here enjoying everything they have on display.

  • 7

    Dale Smith Gallery

    With a strong focus on photography and sculpting, this museum is a fantastic showcase of creative and riveting contemporary art.

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