Procedure for Applying Barbados Tourist Visit Visa from Ottawa

Barbados is one of the beautiful islands on earth where thousands of tourists make their trips from all over the world. An island Country, located in the western area of North Atlantic has special attraction for the nature lovers such Canadian citizens. As the Barbados does not ask for the visa to the Nationals of Canada and many other countries, the tourism industry is at its peak in this small island. Still, for those who need a visa to enter into country, Barbados High Commission in Canada functions in the downtown, Ottawa, Ontario on Metcalfe Street. Applicants can easily reach the office, apply for the visa and fly for their trip. Here is a step by step guide to get Barbados Tourist Visit Visa from Ottawa.

Barbados High Commission
55 Metcalfe St #470, Ottawa, ON K1P 6L5, Canada View Map
+1 613 236 9517
Visit Barbados High Commission Website


  • 1

    Visa Exempted Countries

    Nationals of many countries do not need visa to travel to Barbados. Canadian residents are also including in this. Click to download the complete List of Visa Exempted Countries.

  • 2

    Visa Application Form

    You can get visa application form available at the official website of the Barbados Embassy. Alternatively you can download it from the link that is given below.

    Click to Download Visa Application Form.

  • 3

    Visa Requirements

    Following documents are required to get Barbados visit visa from Ottawa.

    a)      Completed Application Form that should be duly signed by the applicant,
    b)      Two passport sized photographs in light colour background,
    c)       Visa Application Fee
    d)      Proof of Sufficient funds

    You may have to submit some additional documents. For the updated information, visit the official website of the Barbados Embassy.

  • 4

    Visa Fee

    Single Entry visitor visa fee is USD 100.00 while Multiple Entry Visit visa fee is USD 200. However, the fee is subject to change; therefore you should check with the relevant Barbados mission and consulate regarding the visa fee. Visa Fee can only be paid in Money Order made payable to the “Barbados High Commission in Ottawa”.

  • 5

    Submission of Application

    You can submit your application at the visa section of the Barbados High Commission. You can also submit your application through postal service. For this, you will have to submit prepaid self-addressed, stamped return envelope with your application to receive your visa.

    Click to find the Nearest Postal Service.

  • 6

    Processing Time

    Although the processing time varies according to the application, the standard processing time for the visitor visa is two weeks.

  • 7

    Receive Visa

    If you submit your visa in person, you will have to visit the Barbados High Commission to receive your visa while if you submit your visa through postal service, you visa will be returned to you by postal service. This may take some extra time, so be patient.

  • 8

    Check List

    You should check the following things before submission of application to avoid any delays:

    a)      Application form,
    b)      Valid Passport with at least two blank pages,
    c)       Photographs are attaches,
    d)      Proof of fee submission is attached,
    e)      Bank statement,
    f)       Certificate of yellow fever vaccinations is attached
    g)      Any other document that is required by the Barbados High Commission is attached.

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