How to Promote a New Beauty Spa Business in Ottawa

Beauty spas have gained immense popularity among the young and old, making it into a thriving business.  Getting a spa helps soothe the mind and body, easing out minor aches and pains besides relieving one of the stress. This is why many people have started opening up beauty spas around the world, including Ottawa. But where most businesses of beauty spas fail, should yours flourish! And this can only be done if proper marketing techniques are adopted to turn the business into a success. The fact that any business needs marketing to survive and thrive is an unanimously accepted phenomena and this is why Step by Step brings you a guide for marketing a new beauty spa in Ottawa.


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    Identifying the target market of your beauty spa is probably the first step that needs to be given consideration. This is because unless you aren't sure of who your potential customers will be, you can not devise a successful marketing plan. The target market should be based on factors like age and sex.

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    After identifying the target market that your marketing plan and the beauty spa is going to cater to, it is time to start an advertising campaign. Are you targeting the young crowd? Start advertising in colleges and universities. Is the beauty spa for housewives? Distribute flyers. Is it for business executives? Print advertisements in local business magazines.

    However, you need to design your brochures/flyers and ads according to your marketing plans, and for this you may contact the printing agencies in Ottawa.

    List of printing agencies in Ottawa

    Cyan Solutions

    Akran Marketing

    TPH The Printing House Limited

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    Putting Billboards and Signboards,

    Along with distributing flyers and publishing ads, putting up billboards and signboard is also very commonly used marketing technique.

    There are a lot of agencies in Ottawa, which can suggest you the best location to put billboards and signboards along with designing them.

    Pattison Outdoor Advertising

    Falcon Design & Display

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    Online marketing,

    All of us are aware of the scope of internet, which has changed business momentum all over the world. One can easily market a product online. Advertising online can take different methods. For instance social networking websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, pInterest allow for online marketing.  Google ads Sense are also an easy and simple way to go with.

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