List of Afghan Restaurants in Ottawa

When one has immigrated from his native country to another one, there’s bound to be home sickness. The number of Afghanis who have now moved to Canada or Ottawa, specifically speaking, has considerably increased over the years. This, coupled with the fact that now the world has turned into a global village, has given Afghan cuisine some paramount exposure in the world. As a result, the demand for Afghan restaurants has increased and now quite a few of them have sprung up in Ottawa. The article will list down Afghan Restaurants in Ottawa, helping you plan your visit to one easily.


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    Ariana Kabab House serves authentic Afghan food at affordable rates while offering dine-in, delivery and take away options. You will definitely get a great taste of Afghan cuisine at this fine restaurant. You will want to bring your friends and family for a memorable dining experience. The staff is very helpful and courteous as the ambiance is also very nice.

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    Silk Road Kabob House boasts of some tasteful dishes, with their juicy kebabs and tender meat on the offer. If you want a real taste of Afghan cuisine then this the place to visit. Their menu is excellent and the food is very good here. You will definitely enjoy some tasty Afghan cuisine which is quite authentic.

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    Khyber Afghani Kabab House has an appetizing menu on offer, promising the true taste of Afghanistan. If you want authentic Afghan cuisine then this is the place to go. You will find one of the best menu's in town for Afghan food. The staff is polite and very friendly. Take you family for a great time while you enjoy their delicious menu.

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    Kebob King is one of the few multi-cultural joints that are affordable, healthy and serve delicious food. If you get a chance then visit this place for some delightful food with a unique flavour and style. Be sure to take your family or friends and order from their interesting menu as you try out some delicious Afghan cuisine.

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    Bombay Bollywood Indian Restaurant is, albeit, not an authentic Afghani restaurant but it has some Afghani dishes on the menu that should definitely be tried. This is a great place especially if you enjoy a little Indian food on the side. They have an excellent menu and their Afghan dishes are also very good. You will want to mix and match your order to get a chance and taste everything they have to order.

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