White Water Rafting in Ottawa Ontario

If you happen to be in Ottawa, are a fan of water sports, are looking to try something out of the ordinary, and enjoy the satisfaction that comes with teamwork, you might want to look into giving white water rafting a go. Exhilarating, challenging, and filled with adventure, white water rafting is an extreme sport that requires a team of rowers to navigate an inflatable raft through a river, usually on white water, or varying degrees of rough water.

The Ottawa River is blessed with some of the most thrilling and scenic rapids in all of Ontario, which makes it a natural site for white water rafting enthusiasts. There are a number of white water rafting providers in the area whom you can choose from, each of which offer different packages and services. Before heading out, make sure you read up on the basics of white water rafting, and check out the websites and locations of all the providers you are interested in, in order to zero in on the one best suited to your needs.


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    Offering different packages for different times of the day, Esprit conducts white water rafting in various parts of the world, including the Ottawa and Petawawa Rivers. This company also offers a rafting and bungee jumping package with Great Canadian Bungee. The folks at Esprit use quality rafts, have experienced and highly-trained guides to make your experience all the more enjoyable, and have been rated the world’s number one Whitewater Outfitter by National Geographic.

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    Wilderness Tours

    This company offers a plethora of outdoor adventure sports that take advantage of the area’s natural beauty, including rafting, kayaking and bungee jumping. There are a variety of selections on offer, including family packages and adventure packages.

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    RiverRun Rafting

    Operating for over 30 years now, RiverRun offers varying packages for families, groups, adventure seekers...basically everyone who wants to raft. RiverRun gives visitors the complete liberty to customize and tailor their white water rafting experience to suit their specific needs and preferences. You can choose from either the traditional 12-passenger whitewater rafts, or the more exclusive 6-passenger rafts. After you return from your rafting adventure, the beautiful 165-acre resort also has hot showers, a sauna and a pavilion.

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    OWL Rafting

    Established in 1981, OWL offers fantastic rafting packages for the adventure of a lifetime. Located 1.5 hours from Ottawa, the drive is well worth it – OWL is run by a husband and wife team who are National and International Whitewater Champions, and the facility operates out of Forester's Falls in Ontario.

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