How to Do Cumbia Dance Step Kicks

The Cumbia dance is extremely popular in many South American countries such as Columbia, Mexico, Argentina and Peru. It is a traditional dance which comes from the Columbian culture and has gained immense popularity in the whole world. The dance seems to be very simple and easy to perform but there is a whole lot of technique involved by the dancers who have perfected it over the period of time. You can also learn the Cumbia but there are certain things you need to follow. There are movements of the feet that need to be perfected and the use of torso and arms is also essential.


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    Set your feet together

    The best way to learn about the Cumbia dance is to use your feet effectively. You need to make the right movements to perform this dance successfully. First of all, set your both feet together and keep a good balance. You must make sure that the balance is right in the Cumbia dance otherwise you may not find the right rhythm.

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    Step back with the right foot

    To start the dance, you must move your right foot first in the backward direction. It should move right behind the left foot at almost a shoulder’s width. You must pivot on your left foot in this time and then bring back the right foot to its place.

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    Repeat the step with your left foot

    Once you have perfected the move from the right foot, try the same move with the left one. Move the left foot behind the right one and pivot on the right foot for a pause. Bring the left foot back to the original position in the end.

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    Use your torso

    Even though the movement of the feet has to e perfect, the use of the torso is also very important for the dance. Your torso has to move with the dance steps. In this way, there will be less stiffness in your movement.

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    Bend the elbows

    The arms play a vital role in the dance. Your arms have to move otherwise the whole dance would not look good. The best way is to bend your elbows a bit and move the hands in circular motion during the dance.

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