How to Dance Argentine Tango Steps

Dancing has many forms and people often get involve in dancing as they consider it a fun activity. They not only enjoy dancing because they want to pass their time but the fact that it allows every individual to embed his/her creativity exactly the way he/she likes. Every region, state or culture has its own style of dancing and then there are mix styles which are made from partial steps of other styles. Similarly, Argentina Tango dance has originated from the addition by numerous cultures and time periods.


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    Know about the style

    If you want to choose a particular style of dancing, you must know about its origin or history. The Argentine Tango has primarily originated from Argentina and Uruguay that took years of modification from different regions. It is mainly a style of walking in a particular style along with your dancing partner.

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    Listen to the Tango song

    As the name implies, it is mandatory that you keep listening to a tango song to get yourself in a rhythm. Remember that you cannot dance on a song properly you do not know about the beat. So it is recommended that you listen closely to a one-two-three-four rhythm. Apart from that, you must also focus on the major beat of the song. You should keep listening to the tango song until you get to know its every beat. You can listen to the song any way you want, be it in a standing position, walking clockwise or anticlockwise.

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    Pull your partner towards you

    If you are a male and practicing with your partner, you should place your right hand at the back of your partner and pull her towards you. If you are a female, you should place your left arm on your man’s upper arm, making sure that it does not halt the movement of his biceps. You should not stand rigidly and be flexible, allowing your partner to pull you any time he wants.

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    Widen your arm

    You must extend your other arm to allow free movement of your respective partner. Remember that it is important that your dancing steps should be aligned. For this, you should consider dancing according to your partner and keep your head slightly tilted.

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    Pay attention to leader

    Use of left foot is very important in the tango dance. You should start the dance with your left foot and pay attention to the leader as he might pause during the steps.

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