How to Be Better at Pole Dancing

Many women aspire to become great pole dancers. However, no matter how hard they try, they simply fail to do the sensuous and seductive moves that have made pole dancing one of the most watchable things on TV or live. Then there are a few girls who know how to dance but when they have to do it in front of the pole, they don’t know which hand to use and how to balance their bodies with the pole.

However, pole dancing requires practise and a good knowledge of a few basic steps which if you follow, you will do just fine.


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    No matter how awesome your moves are and how good you do your thing, no one is going to give two hoots about it as long as you don’t put your heart behind it. Even if you manage to do a simple move but succeed in putting all the emotions behind it, you will leave everyone gasping for more of the same.

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    The best trick is to centre yourself in your body and feel a connection between the music that is playing.

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    When you are near the pole, let go of all thoughts related to choreography. Forget about which moves you want to make. Simply work your way to the dance.

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    Rather, give complete attention to how it feels like when you move your body to the beat. As soon as you manage to capture the particular feeling of the music with your movements, you will feel very confident.

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    Start with small steps. People who try to do this dance with big steps, never manage to woo the audience. Rather than doing something audacious, it is better that you do a simple hip circle. Once you feel comfortable with the connection between your body and the music, you will be able to shift from one move to another.

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    It is always better to start from the basic moves first. That way, you can easily work your way towards the top as the connection between the music and your body will come naturally.

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    Doing inverts is not easy and this move requires perfect attention so it is better that you stop thinking about the audience and concentrate on your body and the music. The moment you get distracted, you might even fall and that would be embarrassing to say the least.

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    It is also good if you watch few classic footage of the best pole dancers in the world.

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