How to Dance Without Embarrassing Yourself

Dancing is not only fun, but also a good exercise. You will most definitely enjoy dancing if you are doing it with people you like to spend time with. It’s not always about dancing with a partner of the opposite sex either – at times dancing with the same gender can be enjoyable as well. Therefore, always try to find people who you love to spend time with, arrange a get together and dance your heart out. Everyone has his/her own style of dancing and you don’t have to be shy about it. If you think that the way you dance is embarrassing, you can always get back to the basics and make things easy for yourself.


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    If you think that you embarrass yourself while dancing in front of others, you can always practice without them. The practice sessions should take place where no one else is present. Put on the most comfortable clothes so that it’s easy for you to move your body and start dancing barefoot. Make sure that the floor is clean so that you don’t hurt yourself.

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    Getting a little drunk will not hurt. At times you just want to loosen things up a bit, but your mind is not letting your body go. At this point in time, you can always use a drink to smooth things down a bit.

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    Learning the basic steps is absolutely mandatory. Turn the music as loud as you can and put a mirror in front of yourself so you can see what you are doing. Start moving your body around and practice all the basic steps until you have learnt them all. Take things slow. You don’t have to learn all the moves in one day. Start off by learning feet movements first, and then switch to your arms, head, hips, etc.

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    You need to feel the beat in order to move with it. At times people embarrass themselves while dancing because they can’t catch the beat perfectly. In order to set this right, simply close your eyes and listen to the music being played. It will take a little while for you to figure out how the bass of the song is being played and then you can dance to it.

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    If you think you are not comfortable enough to teach yourself, you can always opt for a dancing class. Local dance classes aren’t too expensive and they can at least make you learn the most basic moves of dancing.

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