How to Convert an RCA Audio to Speaker Wire

Although most speakers are designed to be compatible with speaker wires, there are some models that are pre wired with different RCA plugs. This is most commonly found in shelf systems which usually work as an integral part of the system. Therefore, if you decide to use your speakers with another application, it will become very challenging to connect the speakers to a new receiver or amplifier. There is a solution to this problem and you will need a few simple electronic components to connect you speakers to a different amplifier so that you can enjoy some music.


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    Buy a wire cutter from your local hardware store. It is recommended to purchase the best quality cutter so you can cut the wires precisely without damaging the connections. Make sure the cut a piece of wire long enough for your intended use. Consider taking into account the distance between the receiver/amplifier and your speakers. Use an additional wire to bridge the gap between the terminals and speaker RCA audio.

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    Now use the cutter to remove half inch of insulation material on both sides of the speaker wires. It is advised to use wire strippers to remove the insulation so the electric connection is not damaged in any way. Now unscrew the jacket cover of a female RCA audio by bending it to the left. Consider running the jacket over end of the speaker wire. This is to make sure the threaded end is facing the near end of the speaker wire.

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    To form the connections, you will be required to determine the positive and negative leads of your speaker wire. Manufacturers use red coating for positive lead and black code for the negative lead.

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    Now join the negative lead of the speaker wire to the outside of the RCA audio plug. Hold the bare end against the tab until a firm connection is secured. Repeat the same process for the positive lead of your speaker. You will be required to slide the jacket onto the jack. Screw the jacket tightly using big head screws.

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    Now insert your new cable into the male RCA audio jack connected to the speaker. Finally, consider joining the bare wires on the other side of your receiver speakers.

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