How to Dance a Progressive Chasse in Quickstep

This dance is different from all other dances and the progressive chance in quickstep is the basic steps for this dance. Therefore, you will learn this step first, before any other step. Later, you have to do a quarter turn. You should be able to follow the steps in this order: slow, quick, quick, slow. The slow basically means that you are following it up in two beats while a quick one means that you are going to do the step in a single beat. Generally this dance does not require a lot of technical skill, but the more you practice, the better.


  • 1


    You must start off by standing in closed dance positions with all the weight on your left foot. The right foot should be free and facing backwards.

  • 2

    Now you must start counting with the song so that you know which beat is currently going on. Whisper it in your heart (one, two) and then rotate after the second beat, to your other ankle (left) and after taking a step back, bend your right knee.

  • 3

    Now once you are at the third beat, it is time for you to change your foot once again. Step on the other foot, right on the side, and then touchdown back on your left foot.

  • 4

    Now it’s time for you to count to four and after quickly whispering it in your heart, it is time for you to change your right foot in the position where your left foot is. After changing the weight simultaneously with the left food, it is time for you to stand straight for a split second.

  • 5

    Now it’s time for you to say five and six and slowly step forward close to the side of your left foot. Now bend your knee and while keeping to your left side, come forward and step outside right where your partner is standing. This time you should be moving diagonally.

  • 6


    Do the same as the man, with weight on your left foot and your right foot free.

  • 7

    Now count two times and then rotate. Then after using your left foot to turn around, then step forward and then land your heel. Keep your knee bent.

  • 8

    Now count to three and in a single beat step with your right foot inside.

  • 9

    Now after counting to four it is time for you to start moving again. Now your legs should end up with your legs straight again and knees flexed.

  • 10

    After counting to six step back and then to your right foot; moving to your right foot you should softly end up on your heel with your knee bent.

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