How to Do the Country Two Step Dance

There are two different dances labelled as the two step that includes a nightclub two step and a country two step dance. The relevant dance for us is the country two step. This type of dance is very well known country dance for couple dancers. It is normally danced to mediocre to fast paced country music in a way that circles around the dance floor. It also has pairs followed by a anti clockwise walking pattern. Amateurs just dance simply and enjoy the surrounding music. On the other hand, others indulge in spins and other pleasing movements after they get hold of the steps.


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    Hear the beat of the country music

    Listen to the rhythm of the song. Search for the beat after putting on a country song like the ones that are placed at the bottom. Country two step is performed to four by four music. Therefore, the rhythm is generally loud and simple to locate. You need to be able to count 1, 2, 3, 4 or just claps your hands with the beat.

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    Perfect the dancing style

    Practice the dance beat. The count for the style is slow, slow, fast, fast along with two beats for the slow rhythm and a beat for both fast. Follow this routine several times and practice to perfection. Moreover, step according to the beat of the music. Begin by stepping with the left foot if you are male, and if you are the other gender start with your right foot. The count for step two is the same as performed earlier.

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    Move with the rhythm

    In this you will need to make movement within a specified line. Go ahead if you are a man and vice versa. However, the dance will be more professional now and you will do the walks and runs rather than slows and fasts. Repeat the walk, walk, run, run routine a number of times. The steps should either push you forward or backwards. Make sure the ending run makes your feet come together.

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    Get a partner that will understand your movements

    Search for a friend who can perform the basic steps that you have learned. If you are a man, grab your woman’s right hand in your left. The right hand needs to hold her left shoulder or lower back. Furthermore, the woman’s left hand should grab his arm. Practice the steps again and again until you are comfortable with the steps.

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