How to Windmill Break-dance For Beginners

The Windmill break-dance is considered the toughest among the most prominent break-dancing moves, as it is a combination of Kung Fu, a windmill’s gyroscopic movement, and some other dance moves. The windmill break-dance requires strong coordination between the movement of your legs and arms. Of course, no one can master the windmill dance in a couple of days or weeks, as it requires a lot of experience and grueling efforts. Nevertheless, once you have improved your skill set to a certain level, it becomes relatively easier for you to learn the more advanced moves. The windmill break-dance originated in Bronx, N.Y., where the Rocksteady Crew’s Crazy Legs unintentionally performed the moves while doing a backspin.


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    The most important thing in the windmill break-dance is the balance and positioning of your body. Facing the ground, you should place your left elbow in the centre of your abs and make sure that your forearm is at a right angle to your body. If you are right handed, then you should do the opposite.

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    Next, you must place your palm on the ground and ensure that your fingers are pointing backwards. It is important that your body be straight and its weight should be on your elbow.

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    Now, you must position your legs properly. For this, you need to stretch your legs but keep your toes on the surface. Do not forget to place your right arm at the angle of 45 degrees to your body.

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    After you have positioned your body in this manner, you must start spinning on the ground by taking a little push from your left palm. While spinning, you must jerk yourself towards the ground and make sure that your forearm stays under your chest.

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    After you have dropped, you must now lift yourself properly. For this, you will need force from your legs. You will have to lift your right leg at least two feet above the ground level and at the same time, apply force from your left palm.

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    Note that it is necessary that you should spin clockwise otherwise there will be little charm in the windmill break-dance. For this, you will have to take a little jump and then drop back to the surface. It is important that you keep control over your body, otherwise you can fall down and get injured.

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    Now, you must repeat that motion to continue dancing and place both of your hands on the floor when doing a backward flip.

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