How to Dance to Bhangra Music

Bhangra is the form of dance that will really keep you going. It totally changes your mood and it really helps you lift the crowd that is around you. It is the traditional dance of the Punjabis and you should definitely have the idea about how you should be dancing on Bhangra music. It is not difficult and mostly it involves freestyle dancing; however, it is nothing like the western style of dancing and it mostly requires the movement of your arms and your shoulders while the waist also has a little role to play in it.


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    For starters, you need to be in the mood to dance on Bhangra music. It is something which does not sound like any other genre and if you really want to dance on Bhangra music, you should have the mood to dance on it. The music is upbeat and mostly consists of an instrument called ‘dhol’ which helps the beat remain high so that the person who is dancing enjoys to the fullest. Therefore, set your mood right and get ready to dance on Bhangra music.

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    Shoulders and arms

    Most of the dance is concentrated towards your arms and your shoulders. You should lift up your arms and pop your shoulders out. Try to move your shoulders in and out so that you can create a swift movement. The hand can either move fully opened or you can just take out the index finger of both the hands and move it up and down in order to complete the Bhangra steps while you are popping your shoulders as well.

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    The girls can also try and use their waist while they are trying to dance on Bhangra. The girls can twist their waist after putting their hands on them. It is different to how the guys dance as they mostly use their shoulders and hands only.

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    If you are a boy, then you should be able to put your hands up in the air and try and dance while trying to pop your shoulders in and out. This will really help you create a swift movement. Try to move your shoulders in such a way that you remain in the beat and you do not seem out of place.

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    Both the genders

    If there are boys and girls both involved in the dance, then both of them can hold each other’s hands and move around in circles. However, the jumps and the movement of the arms and shoulders should remain intact with the fast beat which is being played by the ‘dhol’ player.

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