How to Do The Cha-Cha Combined Break Steps With Turns

Cha-Cha combined break steps with turns in forward and backward movements of your feet align you with your dancing partner in Cha-Cha dance style. It is also referred as 3-count Cha-Cha. Breaking is actual movement of steps forward and then backward while turning during this sequence help you put back in line with your partner for emphasis of the dance. The emphasis is the key point in the breaking of steps and turning/movement. This also sets the tone of beautiful rhythm of the dance that makes it people dancing and dancing on for hours.


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    Combined breaking of steps in the Cha-Cha dance is called 3-count Cha-Cha. The purpose of the steps forward and backward is to set the rhythm of the dance or Cha-Cha, that is the only major charm of the dance and it makes people feel dancing on and on.

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    Turning is the movement of the feet while being stepped forward and backward that helps the dancers come again in line with their dancing partners. This is to put emphasis on the dance, and it to an extent increases the level of interest in the dancing. This also makes the partner respond effectively to get the feel of the dance and thus adds to its charm.

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    You can generally learn the entire dancing method with a bit of practice. If you have not danced before, choose a partner who knows the dance. Make sure, you have a genuine feel for the dance, and if so, you can start with basic stance and then gradually move on to take bigger steps.

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    Dancing with a learned partner will help you understand basics of the breaking steps and you will be able to pick up in coordinating with your partner in the dancing format. Coordination is essential in the breaking steps in the Cha-Cha dance, as is turning. These are only two key rhythmical features of the dance that attract people.

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    If you have been dancing for a while now but with not much progress in breaking steps, you should seek help from a learned dancer. Sometimes, people also offer free lessons in all aspects of Cha-Cha dance, and if you find a senior dancer, you can use them for helping you on the breaking and turning. Generally people find it hard in the beginning to pick on the breaking of the steps, they are unable to coordinate with their partners while moving feet out of a calculated rhythm, but gradually they can perfect the skills.

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    Watching videos of combined breaking steps in the Cha-Cha dance can help you learn through observation. You can practically count each step and turn and try to adopt the same movement and rhythm yourself. Again, you will need a lot of practice before perfecting the skills of breaking steps and turning.

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