How to Perform the Flutter Technique in Belly Dancing

It is the time to rock n roll! Belly dance is getting equally popular among all age groups. It is not only fun, but possess many positive side effects as well. The flutter technique is the most idiosyncratic and tricky movement in the overall belly dance. But, you will love its favourable impact on your overall physique. It helps in perking up your body posture, toning your muscles and losing weight. The Flutter Technique in Belly Dancing is a hasty technique that nicely pushes your tummy in and repetitively -very swiftly. This technique is complicated for sure, but with proper know-how and practice – you will be best at it.

You overall dressing and makeup matter a lot in performing the flutter technique in belly dancing as it enhance your overall performance. Check out the simple procedure to Dress for Bellydancing and learn How to Apply Belly Dance Performance Makeup.

Are you all set to learn the Flutter Technique to move your feet and body to the rocking music? Here we go…


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    Hit upon your diaphragm muscles

    Identifying you diaphragm muscles is really important in performing the flutter technique in belly dancing. They are basically the muscles that help your lungs in inhaling and exhaling air. You can find them in the “V” of your chest diaphragm, located right below your ribs.

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    Move your diaphragmatic muscles

    Once you successfully identify the diaphragmatic muscles, give attention to their movement. Tighten (inhalation) and release (exhalation) your diaphragmatic muscles speedily for few times in order to control them for the flutter technique.

  • 3

    Concentrate on your posture

    Maintaining an impressive posture is essential in performing a flutter technique in the belly dancing. Raise your ribcage, relaxing (loosening up) your neck and arms.

  • 4

    Perform simple breathing exercise

    Now practice a simple breathing exercise in order to create vacuum in your diaphragmatic area to do an impressive flutter in belly dancing. What you can do is, take a deep breath, inhaling as much air as you can, and then exhale all this air into your lungs. Hold the inhaled air for few seconds, making sure no air escapes through your nose or mouth.

  • 5

    Create a perfect flutter

    Now, bend and then relax your diaphragmatic muscles (exhaling air) in order to create a perfect flutter.

  • 6

    Enjoy more flutters

    Repeat the simple breathing activity to carry on performing the flutter techniques in belly dancing.

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