How to Do the Chicken Dance

The chicken dance is something that is extremely easy to pull off. Even the people who are extremely poor at dancing can easily learn how to do the chicken dance. The dance includes extremely easy moves and almost each and every person who will try these moves will be able to learn them in no time. However, you must have the chicken dance song before you try to attempt this dance, so that you can live in the moment and you can know what this dance actually stands up for.


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    You should first learn the position of your fingers and how you should move them so that you can start off with the chicken dance.

    Align your fingers right in front of your chest and try to make a pinching posture with them. The four fingers rest on your thumb and you look as if you are about to pinch someone. Now pinch in the air so that you can get started with the finger and hand postures.

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    Once you are done with using the pinching step, then you need to start the flapping exercise with your arms. You should know how exactly a chicken flaps its arms and you will be able to learn this in no time.

    Your elbows should be out and you should be in positioned in such a way that you look like a chicken with its wings out. Now with your elbows out and your hands turned in, try to flap your ‘wings’ (arms) four times so that you can show everyone how you are trying to dance like a chicken.

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    After you are done with flapping your arms, it is time for you to wiggle around and hop around. Try to be as much like a chicken as possible. Picture a chicken dancing and you will get the idea about how you should be moving and wiggling around. Move from right to left, and then left to right while you keep on flapping your arms in the air.

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    Once you are done with wiggling around and moving like a chicken, it is your turn to straighten your palms and clap. Make sure you move down in order to move closer to the ground as well. After you are done with moving closer to the ground, it is your turn to sit up and clap four times.

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    Keep repeating these steps until you are perfect and until the song is being played. Find yourself a partner and try to practice these steps with them and you will eventually end up dancing like a chicken.

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