How to Do Left Turn Bachata Dance Steps

Originated from the Dominican Republic, Bachata is known for its colourful roots and the romantic touch. There are several variations involved in this wonderful dance from.

From pivot dance steps to left turn steps, the variations in Bachata are absolutely marvellous. Since there are more than a few tricks involved, Bachata is considered to be a restively tough to learn than Salsa.

When it comes to left turn steps, a lot of focus is required. It needs great patience and practice to do the left turn moves properly. There is nothing impossible though.

With hard work and dedication, anybody can learn these tricks. Before practising, you are required to watch a few YouTube videos related to the left turn steps, so that you can get a complete idea. If you know the basics of Bachata, learning the left turn is really easy.


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    Bachata is an 8-beat dance. Things begin with the movement from left to right and right to left. Step to the left for first four counts, and then move to the right for the remaining four counts.

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    It is the time to use both feet at the same time. After stepping to the left with your left foot, bring your right foot to the left foot. After doing this, you are supposed to step to the left again with your left foot. It should not be tricky, if you know the basics.

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    Now you need to slightly raise your right foot off the surface. By doing this, you are actually jutting your hips to the right. And this is what you want.

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    Now make all these moves in the opposite direction. After stepping right with the right foot, bring left foot together. Again step right with the right foot, followed by slightly raising the left foot to jut your hips to the left.

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    You have done the basics and now, it is the time to make the left turn move. When moving to the left, you are required to turn your left foot to 90 degrees.

    You will take your right foot to the left after the first four counts. It is the exact moment to pivot on 180 degrees, making sure that your toes are pointing to the left. After the next four counts, pivot another 180 degrees to complete the turn.

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