How to Dance Salsa

If you wish to impress your loved one with some lovely and eye catching dance steps, then salsa dance is a perfect choice. These stunning and romantic steps of salsa were originated from Cuba and over the past years it has acquired huge admiration. Though the learning of this dance is quite difficult and a lot of energy is required, still once you get the knack of the exact technique then it is a cinch for you to become a proper salsa dancer. Salas is couple dance before you learn it make sure you have a partner because you are unable to learn it alone.


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    You will initiate the dancing by facing directly towards your partner and by maintaining the eye contact. Do not forget that in salsa men are always the main leads and women have to follow them.

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    In typical salsa dance there are only two steps involved one is the back step and the other one is the front step. The most important point in such dance is keeping your posture straight or else your steps will not portray elegance and sophistication.

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    Get in the position before the music starts. To get into the right position, have her right hand in your left hand and put right hand at her back. Place your partner’s left hand on your shoulder.

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    As the music begins, with the step timing means synchronizing music with the steps you take, place your left foot forward and then with the movement of beats bring it back.

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    Then in the similar manner, take the left foot back and then bring it back at the previous position.

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    The same step will be taken with the right foot, but by keeping sync with the music.

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    Women have to follow the man and do what he has been doing. By following the similar steps mentioned you gracefully  rock each step which you take.

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