How to Do the Michael Jackson Robot Dance

The robot dance has been around since the early 1950s but it gained worldwide recognition in 1970s largely thanks to “The Jackson”, who performed this dance for the first time live on one of the most-watched pop shows in America, Soul Train.

However, Michael Jackson after going solo gave a whole new dimension to this dance move and ever since, dancers are trying to copy this move with great success. And if you want to learn this technique, you don’t have to do much and you can easily learn this technique by following these simple guidelines.


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    Robot dance is not quite as same as popping despite many dancers mixing these two up. Many dancers have also mixed up the robot dance with other dancing techniques due to which the traditional robot dance is slowly losing its identity but as long as there is some kind of illusion of being a robot is observable in a dance, we can call it a robot dance.

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    If you are a beginner and looking to learn robot dance, you need to keep certain things in mind like things you need to do and what you should avoid in order to get perfect. Since you are planning to do the robot dance, you need to think robot and in addition to that, you need to dance like an actual robot.

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    Make sure that you remove the human fluidity from your body especially from your legs. Try to keep your legs locked since robots do not have knees like humans. Usually dancers do not walk around while performing robot dance but if you still want to move, try to imagine 1960s space movies.

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    Your arms should be bent at the elbow and you need to hold your elbows at your wait. Keep your hands open giving an impression that you are going for a handshake.

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    Extend one arm but keep the other one bend in an inward direction for a basic robot dance move. And only move your arms at the elbow.

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    You need to limit your movements and try to keep your torso still. Keep this in mind that your torso cannot do any kind of movement except to pivot forward. Even that forward movement must be at an angle along with the movements of your arm.

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    Shake your head in such a way that it gives the impression of falling off. Try to keep a blank, wide-eyed stare face.

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