How to Do the Pique in Neoclassical Ballet

Ballet is one of the most graceful dancing styles. It requires a person to be fully fit and have an athletic body otherwise there are chances of an injury. This form of dancing takes a lot out of your body and each step is technical.


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    Understand the word pique

    First of all, you should be aware of the word pique. This is a French terminology, meaning prick. So, when you perform this technique in the neoclassical ballet, it actually means that you are pricking the floor. Just by understanding this word, you can imagine how you will actually have to position yourself for this step.

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    Exercise to stay fit

    Make sure that you exercise hard in order to stay fit. This is quite important in order to perform any step in ballet dancing. You have to hit the gym regularly and do a lot of stretching exercises. This way, you will feel quite comfortable while performing this impressive form of dancing.

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    Improve your balance

    In order to do the pique in neoclassical ballet, you will need a perfect balance, so make sure that you work hard in this department too. You will have to practice over and over again in order to attain a perfect balance otherwise you will look quite clumsy.

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    Your toes should be pointed

    No matter what ballet step you are performing, make sure that your toes are pointed. This form of dancing is not performed on heels. Even if you have to raise your legs high, the toes should always be pointed.

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    Lift one leg in the air

    To start the pique, lift one of your legs in the air and make sure it is quite straight.

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    Lower the leg sharply

    Now, lower your leg sharply in order to hit the floor. This motion is known as the pique in neoclassical ballet.

  • 7

    Repeat the same again

    Continue doing the same step in the same way and you will definitely become perfect in it soon.

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