How to Perform Lap Dance

You are bored with your boyfriend or husband, want a change in the mood and turn your other half for an intimate session. However, you have to create a scenario in order to lure the bored boy to love you intensely. Not to forget that you are going to turn him on at one stage with a lap dance; if you are unable to bring about a nasty mood in your partner then you are doing it wrong. Prepare yourself to sell your assets. Your body curves and the layers while performing different steps during a lap dance should entice the partner (but remember enticing doesn’t mean that he should do it).


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    You are allowed to caress your partner all the time but the boy is suppose to hold his nerves and not touch you until the last move of the dance is done and dusted.

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    You have to make sure that you are not bothered about your physical appearance. You can own your partner at any position and not to worry about the pain that might inflict by your obscene dance moves. If you don’t feel that you are hot looking then your dance moves won’t have the same effect as they should have had on your partner.

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    Wear an outfit that is big enough to have different layers on but small enough to expose your curves as well as private wonder zone. Wear lingerie that will give you a comfortable feeling and flaunt your curves at the same time.

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    Play songs that enhance the sensual feelings and the both of you alike. Take your time at the start. The first song should be a warm up one. You don’t have to go down under at the beginning. Caress his hair with your fingers, give him soft touches at the chest and walk around him at the beat.

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    Learn the moves that your boy likes and put him in a seductive groove.  Use aerobics at some stage and perform a booty shake at the lap. Your looks will also matter a lot all the time. Don't present him a blank face, keep smiling and enjoying the moment with the flow.

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