How to Keep Posture during the Cha-Cha

Cha-cha is a dance of the Cuban origin and is often referred to as cha-cha-cha as well. This music was introduced by famous Cuban composer and violinist, Enrique Jorrin in 1953.  However, since then, this music and the dance have evolved a lot and cha-cha today is not what it was few decades ago. In addition to that, the style of this dance is different in different regions of the world. The original or we can say it the Cuban cha-cha-cha, goes like this. “Two, three, cha-cha-cha” or “four-and-one, two, three”.


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    There are several things that you need to keep in mind if you want to perform cha-cha. It would be better if you take some classes of cha-cha and you can even opt of online classes if you don’t have much time or there aren't any training centres nearby.

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    For starters, you need to learn what should be your posture while performing cha-cha. Although there are not many hard and fast rules regarding that, there are several important things that you must not overlook if you want to learn and want perfection.

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    You need to keep your knees slightly bent and there is no need to be tensed. Stay relaxed and avoid locking your knees in any case.

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    When it comes to the way you are standing, make sure to keep your spine, head and neck in such a way that they are on a vertical axis. And you need to maintain good posture all the time. Keep your body square and make sure you keep your head straight over shoulders and shoulders straight over your hips and do not tilt your head sideways.

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    You head placing has a major effect on your balance and in cha-cha, your balance is everything. Do not arch your back in any case and in addition to your head’s movement, you must be aware with the orientation of other body parts as well.

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    And the most important thing when it comes to your posture in cha-cha is to look forward. It might be hard for you to look forward if it’s your first time, but you need to learn to do that and avoid looking at your feet.

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    Stay balanced and try not to go too up on your toes and for momentum, use your arms. While turning, use the balls of your feet and avoid using your heels for that purpose. Keep your feet together all the time and stop in a defined pose.

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