How to Do the Grapevine Dance Step

The grapevine is a step which can be incorporated into both an elegant ballroom dance, or an energetic and vibrant jazz dance. The step is extremely versatile, and can even crop up in a waltz. While it might appear bewildering when it is performed in a fast dance, the grapevine can be broken down into simple moves involving stepping and crossing – practice it in front of a mirror a couple of times, and once you get the hang of it, you can incorporate it into your dances.


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    Start by facing a mirror – this will help you coordinate your moves, and keep an eye on what you are doing (and how you look while doing it). The grapevine can be done to both the right and the left.

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    To do the step to the right, begin with the starting move – step to the right with your right foot, and cross your left foot to place it directly behind your right. Rest most of your weight on your left foot.

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    Then, step out towards the left with  your right foot, but this time, cross your left foot and place it in front of the right, instead of behind it. These are the two steps the grapevine is made of, and you can repeat them twice, or as many times as the choreography calls for.

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    To do the grapevine towards the left, simply repeat the steps in reverse. Start with the left foot, and cross your right foot behind it. Then, step again with your left, and cross your right foot and place it in front of your left.

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    If you are doing the dance in a ballroom, step elegantly as you execute the steps of crossing and stepping. However, if you are performing the grapevine as a part of the quickstep or during a lindy hop, then you will need to increase the tempo. In addition to performing the steps quicker, you will need to make it more lively by jumping onto each foot instead of simply stepping. Jump in time with the beats of the music, or listen for your instructor's counts.

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    Once you have mastered the basic step, you can do multiple grapevines in a row with ease, and in any direction you choose. Different styles of dancing will require you to execute the move differently – e.g. while lindy hopping, you will be required to grapevine in a circle around your partner. You can also try rolling grapevines – either do this in a circle, or do it all around the room.

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